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Title : Paradoxical Thinking: How to Profit from Your Contradictions Hardcover – June 1, 1997

Publisher : Berrett-Koehler Publishers; 1st edition (June 1, 1997)

Language : English

Hardcover : 240 pages

ISBN-10 : 188105280X

ISBN-13 : 978-1881052807

Item Weight : 1.05 pounds

Dimensions : 6.5 x 0.8 x 9.5 inches


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Paradoxical Thinking: How to Profit from Your Contradictions Hardcover – June 1, 1997

Read Online and Download Paradoxical Thinking: How to Profit from Your Contradictions Hardcover – June 1, 1997. Unlikely as it may seem, sprinters who relax run faster. In fact, simultaneously feeling both aggressive and relaxed is essential to their peak performance. Similar, seemingly contradictory patterns abound: Bill Gates's success is built on both his vision and his practicality; former New York governor Mario Cuomo is both passionate and intellectual, action-oriented and reflective.

After more than fifteen years of studying thousands of detailed examples of people performing at their best, Fletcher and Olwyler have found that individuals are always paradoxical when performing optimally and that each person has a particular combination of contradictory and paradoxical qualities that work together to produce that person's best work.

In Paradoxical Thinking they provide a 5-step process to help you identify your own core personal contradictions, and harness them to achieve outstanding results at work and in your personal life.

You can probably recall a difficult situation in which you performed surprisingly well-and being mystified after the fact as to exactly how you achieved such a high level of performance. Paradoxical Thinking takes the mystery and unpredictability out of performing at your peak by providing an easy-to-learn method of understanding and maximizing your personal success.

Based on years of real-world road testing with individuals and corporate leaders, the authors' five-step "Paradoxical Thinking" method helps you consciously bring together the paradoxical sides of yourself to achieve outstanding results individually, on teams, and in organizations. Using an important problem or goal you are currently facing, Paradoxical Thinking will help you:

o Identify your own core personal paradox

o Redefine your problem or goal so that it can be approached paradoxically

o Monitor how well you are utilizing your personal paradox

o Take positive action steps to overcome roadblocks and banish cycles of ineffectiveness of your paradoxical qualities and tools for using-instead of fighting-them, you can realize your potential, maximize your inherent strengths, and consistently achieve the results you seek in every aspect of your personal and professional life.

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En Pensamiento Paradójico , brindan un proceso de 5 pasos para ayudarlo a identificar sus propias contradicciones personales centrales y aprovecharlas para lograr resultados sobresalientes en el trabajo y en su vida personal. Probablemente pueda recordar una situación difícil en la que se desempeñó sorprendentemente bien, y quedó desconcertado después del hecho de cómo exactamente ... Comprar paradójico Pensamiento : Cómo a beneficio de su Contradicciones : Aprovechamiento de Personal Las contradicciones de Alto Rendimiento Resultados anotado por Jerry L Fletcher, Kelle Olwyler (ISBN: 9781881052807) a partir de Amazon Book Store. Precios bajos todos los días y entrega gratuita en pedidos elegibles. Quién sabe, tal vez, con su permiso, podríamos incluso publicar algunos de ellos (anonimizados o no según sus deseos) en un artículo de seguimiento. Referencias. Fletcher, J., Olwyler, K., 'paradójico Pensamiento : ¿Cómo Para Beneficio De Sus contradicciones' , Berrett-Koehloer Publishers Inc., 1997 . All Formats Hardcover Sort by: Sort by: Popularity Paradoxical Thinking: How to Profit from Your Contradictions Jun 1, 1997 by Jerry L. Fletcher , Kelle Olwyler PARADOXICAL THINKING: Harnessing Personal Contradictions for High Performance Results de Fletcher, Jerry L.; Olwyler, Kelle en - ISBN 10: 188105280X - ISBN 13: 9781881052807 - BERRETT KOEHLER PUBL INC - 1997 - Tapa dura [(Paradoxical Thinking: Harnessing Personal Contradictions for High Performance Results )] [Author: Jerry L. Fletcher] [Jun-1997]: Jerry L. Fletcher: Books - Hypothesis 1: Innovation will be significantly higher when both creativity and efficiency. are primed (the paradoxical cognition condition) than when either creativity (the creativity. condition ... AMABILE, T. M. (1997) 'Motivating Creativity in Organizations: On Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do', California Management Review, 40(1). Google Scholar ARGYRIS, C. and D. A. SCHÖN (1978) Organizational learning: A Theory of Action Perspective (Reading: Addison-Wesley). La historia de Isabel 1 y su alianza con el sultán Murad III del Islam, y en un momento de gran crisis para la cristiandad, se mantiene en secreto y debería ser más conocida.